Analysis of Research Productivity of Orthopedic Surgery Residency Applicants.


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Background Orthopedic surgery has become an increasingly competitive specialty. With a pass-fail Step 1, an even greater emphasis on research has been placed to allow candidates to better distinguish themselves. This study analyzes the scholarly activity of accepted orthopedic residency applicants during medical school, assessing what factors, including the novel altmetric attention score, may be associated with greater research productivity. Methods A list of orthopedic residency programs was obtained from the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). A total of 688 orthopedic residents from 180 programs who matriculated in 2020 from allopathic medical schools were identified. Resident demographic information and bibliometric data (total publications, orthopedic-related publications, h-index, and altmetric score) of publications published from July 1, 2016, to September 1, 2020, were collected. Descriptive statistics were calculated. Kruskal-Wallis tests analyzed the association between medical school characteristics and research productivity using Stata® 17.0 (StataCorp LLC, College Station, Texas). Results Postgraduate-Year-3 orthopedic residents (N=688) published 2,600 articles during medical school, averaging 3.8 articles per resident. The residents from a top 25 medical school for research had publication counts, altmetric scores, and h-indices, on average, that were higher than those from non-top 25 medical schools for research. Over 150 residents had no publications, and ~10 residents had more than 30 publications. Conclusions The results illustrate that medical school research status influences the research productivity of applicants. Also, given the average number of publications, most research listed on applications are abstracts and presentations. Utilization of the altmetric score may not yet be the best way of examining research experience because orthopedic applicants do not appear to use social networks for academic research.
undergraduate medical education,residency applications,altmetric score,medical student education,publication count,research productivity,orthopedic residency,altmetric attention score
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