GazeForensics: DeepFake Detection via Gaze-guided Spatial Inconsistency Learning.


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DeepFake detection is pivotal in personal privacy and public safety. With the iterative advancement of DeepFake techniques, high-quality forged videos and images are becoming increasingly deceptive. Prior research has seen numerous attempts by scholars to incorporate biometric features into the field of DeepFake detection. However, traditional biometric-based approaches tend to segregate biometric features from general ones and freeze the biometric feature extractor. These approaches resulted in the exclusion of valuable general features, potentially leading to a performance decline and, consequently, a failure to fully exploit the potential of biometric information in assisting DeepFake detection. Moreover, insufficient attention has been dedicated to scrutinizing gaze authenticity within the realm of DeepFake detection in recent years. In this paper, we introduce GazeForensics, an innovative DeepFake detection method that utilizes gaze representation obtained from a 3D gaze estimation model to regularize the corresponding representation within our DeepFake detection model, while concurrently integrating general features to further enhance the performance of our model. Experiment results reveal that our proposed GazeForensics outperforms the current state-of-the-art methods.
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