Efficient Core Maintenance in Large Bipartite Graphs.

Proceedings of the ACM on Management of Data(2023)

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As an important cohesive subgraph model in bipartite graphs, the (α, β)-core (a.k.a. bi-core) has found a wide spectrum of real-world applications, such as product recommendation, fraudster detection, and community search. In these applications, the bipartite graphs are often large and dynamic, where vertices and edges are inserted and deleted frequently, so it is costly to recompute (α, β)-cores from scratch when the graph has changed. Recently, a few works have attempted to study how to maintain (α, β)-cores in the dynamic bipartite graph, but their performance is still far from perfect, due to the huge size of graphs and their frequent changes. To alleviate this issue, in this paper we present efficient (α, β)-core maintenance algorithms over bipartite graphs. We first introduce a novel concept, called bi-core numbers, for the vertices of bipartite graphs. Based on this concept, we theoretically analyze the effect of inserting and deleting edges on the changes of vertices' bi-core numbers, which can be further used to narrow down the scope of the updates, thereby reducing the computational redundancy. We then propose efficient (α, β)-core maintenance algorithms for handling the edge insertion and edge deletion respectively, by exploiting the above theoretical analysis results. Finally, extensive experimental evaluations are performed on both real and synthetic datasets, and the results show that our proposed algorithms are up to two orders of magnitude faster than the state-of-the-art approaches.
bipartite graphs,maintenance,core
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