SARA: Controllable Makeup Transfer with Spatial Alignment and Region-Adaptive Normalization


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Makeup transfer is a process of transferring the makeup style from a reference image to the source images, while preserving the source images' identities. This technique is highly desirable and finds many applications. However, existing methods lack fine-level control of the makeup style, making it challenging to achieve high-quality results when dealing with large spatial misalignments. To address this problem, we propose a novel Spatial Alignment and Region-Adaptive normalization method (SARA) in this paper. Our method generates detailed makeup transfer results that can handle large spatial misalignments and achieve part-specific and shade-controllable makeup transfer. Specifically, SARA comprises three modules: Firstly, a spatial alignment module that preserves the spatial context of makeup and provides a target semantic map for guiding the shape-independent style codes. Secondly, a region-adaptive normalization module that decouples shape and makeup style using per-region encoding and normalization, which facilitates the elimination of spatial misalignments. Lastly, a makeup fusion module blends identity features and makeup style by injecting learned scale and bias parameters. Experimental results show that our SARA method outperforms existing methods and achieves state-of-the-art performance on two public datasets.
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