Study on the Method of Underwater Weak Signal Detection in Lévy Noise Based on Stochastic Resonance

Xiaodong Liu,Xiangjin Zhang, Yingyan Gu, Jun Ding

2023 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Information Technology, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (ICIBA)(2023)

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For underwater weak signal detection, a lot of research focuses on extracting useful signal information under strong noise that using stochastic resonance, but it is basically carried out in the Gaussian white noise environment, and there is little research on stochastic resonance under Lévy noise excitation. In this paper, the generation method of Lévy noise is introduced, the numerical solution method of bistable system under Lévy noise is given, and the output of bistable system is analyzed by FFT. By analyzing the output of the bistable system, it is found that the bistable system will also have stochastic resonance under the excitation of Lévy noise, and the signal information submerged in the Lévy noise can also be identified. To prove the effectiveness of the above method, we did a set of computer simulation experiments. This method can realize the weak signal detection underwater the environment of Lévy nosie.
stochastic resonance,underwater,weak signal,detection,Lévy noise,FFT
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