Creator Context for Tweet Recommendation.

Spurthi Amba Hombaiah,Tao Chen,Mingyang Zhang,Michael Bendersky,Marc Najork, Matt Colen, Sergey Levi, Vladimir Ofitserov, Tanvir Amin

Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing(2023)

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When discussing a tweet, people usually not only refer to the content it delivers, but also to the person behind the tweet. In other words, grounding the interpretation of the tweet in the context of its creator plays an important role in deciphering the true intent and the importance of the tweet. In this paper, we attempt to answer the question of how creator context should be used to advance tweet understanding. Specifically, we investigate the usefulness of different types of creator context, and examine different model structures for incorporating creator context in tweet modeling. We evaluate our tweet understanding models on a practical use case -- recommending relevant tweets to news articles. This use case already exists in popular news apps, and can also serve as a useful assistive tool for journalists. We discover that creator context is essential for tweet understanding, and can improve application metrics by a large margin. However, we also observe that not all creator contexts are equal. Creator context can be time sensitive and noisy. Careful creator context selection and deliberate model structure design play an important role in creator context effectiveness.
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