ResNeXt+: Attention Mechanisms Based on ResNeXt for Malware Detection and Classification.

IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security(2024)

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Malware detection and classification are crucial for protecting digital devices and information systems. Accurate identification of malware enables researchers and incident responders to take prompt measures against malware and mitigate its damage. With the development of attention mechanisms in the field of computer vision, attention mechanism-based malware detection techniques are also rapidly evolving. The essence of the attention mechanism is to focus on the information of interest and suppress the useless information. In this paper, we develop different plug-and-play attention mechanisms based on the ResNeXt tagging model, where the designed model is trained to focus on the malware features by capturing the malware image channel perception field of view and is also able to provide more helpful and flexible information than other methods. We have named this designed neural network ResNeXt+, and its core modules are built with different plug-and-play attention mechanisms. Extensive experimental results show that ResNeXt+ is effective and efficient in malware detection and classification with high classification accuracy. The proposed methods outperform the state-of-the-art techniques with seven benchmark datasets. Cross-dataset experiments conducted on the Windows and Android datasets, with an accuracy of 90.64% on cross-dataset detection of the android. Ablation experiments are also conducted on seven datasets, which demonstrate that attention mechanisms can improve malware detection and classification accuracy.
resnext+,malware detection,attention mechanisms
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