Synthesis and catalytic activity of tetradentate -diketiminato rare-earth metal monoalkyl complexes in tandem Oppenauer oxidation and cross-aldol condensation

Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)(2023)

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A series of unsymmetric tetradentate beta-diketiminato rare-earth metal monoalkyl complexes were synthesized, and their catalytic behavior has been well developed. Indole-incorporated beta-diketiminato proligands H2L (L = MeC(NDipp)CHC(Me)NCH2CH2-3-(1-R-C8H4N), R = CH2-(2-C4H7O), L1; R = (CH2)2OMe, L2; Dipp = 2,6-iPr2C6H3) were prepared by the reaction of an arylamino-enone with 1-substituted-tryptamine in good yields. Treatment of the proligands with the rare-earth metal trialkyl complexes RE(CH2SiMe3)3(THF)2 generated the corresponding unsymmetric N,N,C,O-tetradentate beta-diketiminato rare-earth metal monoalkyl complexes LRE(CH2SiMe3) (L1, RE = Y (1a), Gd (1b), Yb (1c), Lu (1d); L2, RE = Y (2a), Gd (2b), Yb (2c), and Lu(2d)). During the process, the activation of the sp2 C-H bond at the 2-position of the indole ring led to the formation of an unprecedented beta-diketiminato dianion L2-, bonding to the rare-earth metal ions in a chelating N,N,C,O-tetradentate manner. Further studies indicated that these tetradentate rare-earth metal complexes could initiate the Oppenauer oxidation of secondary alcohols into the corresponding ketones in high yields. In the case of primary alcohols, a tandem Oppenauer oxidation and cross-aldol condensation occurred unexpectedly. Various alpha-mono-substituted benzylidene acetones, alpha,alpha '-bis-substituted benzylidene acetones and cyclohexanones were obtained under mild conditions only by controlling the molar ratio of alcohols to ketones. Notably, all these alkenylation ketones exhibited exclusive E configuration. Tetradentate beta-diketiminato rare-earth complexes initiated the Oppenauer oxidation and cross-aldol condensation of alcohols, affording various ketones and alpha-mono-substituted and alpha,alpha '-bis-substituted benzylidene alkanones under mild conditions.
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