Collaborative Practices of Behavior Analysts in School Settings: Evidence from the Field

Cheryl Light-Shriner, Dani Pizzella,James B. Schreiber,Charis L. Wahman

Behavior Analysis in Practice(2023)

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Based on the most recent Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts Behavior Analyst Certification Board, (2020), board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) are required to engage in collaborative practices with other related service professionals. However, the extent to which BCBAs are trained in collaborative practices and have opportunities to implement such practices is unknown. We examined training experiences in collaborative practice, and the frequency of collaborative practices for behavior analysts who have been associated with school environments. Using latent class analysis (LCA), three profile models emerged within our results that describe the frequency of collaborative practices. Participating BCBAs reported little to no training in collaborative practices. It should be noted that BCBAs employed by public school districts report engaging in high-level collaborative practices. Future research is needed to determine the quality of training in collaborative practices for behavior analysts and ways to support implementation efforts in accordance with the Ethics Code.
Ethics,Collaboration,Training,Schools,Behavior analyst
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