ReFSQL: A Retrieval-Augmentation Framework for Text-to-SQL Generation.

Kun Zhang, Xiexiong Lin, Yuanzhuo Wang, Xin Zhang,Fei Sun, Jianhe Cen, Hexiang Tan,Xuhui Jiang,Huawei Shen

EMNLP 2023(2023)

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Text-to-SQL is the task that aims at translating natural language questions into SQL queries. Existing methods directly align the natural language with SQL Language and train one encoder-decoder-based model to fit all questions. However, they underestimate the inherent structural characteristics of SQL, as well as the gap between specific structure knowledge and general knowledge. This leads to structure errors in the generated SQL. To address the above challenges, we propose a retrieval-argument framework, namely ReFSQL. It contains two parts, structure-enhanced retriever and the generator. Structure-enhanced retriever is designed to identify samples with comparable specific knowledge in an unsupervised way. Subsequently, we incorporate the retrieved samples’ SQL into the input, enabling the model to acquire prior knowledge of similar SQL grammar. To further bridge the gap between specific and general knowledge, we present a mahalanobis contrastive learning method, which facilitates the transfer of the sample toward the specific knowledge distribution constructed by the retrieved samples. Experimental results on five datasets verify the effectiveness of our approach in improving the accuracy and robustness of Text-to-SQL generation. Our framework has achieved improved performance when combined with many other backbone models (including the 11B flan-T5) and also achieved state-of-the-art performance when compared to existing methods that employ the fine-tuning approach.
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