CompleQA: Benchmarking the Impacts of Knowledge Graph Completion Methods on Question Answering.

EMNLP 2023(2023)

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How much success in Knowledge Graph Completion (KGC) would translate into the performance enhancement in downstream tasks is an important question that has not been studied in depth. In this paper, we introduce a novel benchmark, namely CompleQA, to comprehensively assess the influence of representative KGC methods on Knowledge Graph Question Answering (KGQA), one of the most important downstream applications. This benchmark includes a knowledge graph with 3 million triplets across 5 distinct domains, coupled with over 5000 question-answering pairs and a completion dataset that is well-aligned with these questions. Our evaluation of four well-known KGC methods in combination with two state-of-the-art KGQA systems shows that effective KGC can significantly mitigate the impact of knowledge graph incompleteness on question-answering performance. Surprisingly, we also find that the best-performing KGC method(s) does not necessarily lead to the best QA results, underscoring the need to consider downstream applications when doing KGC.
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