Structural, optical, dielectric, and magnetic properties of Sr0.7La0.3Zn0.3Fe11.7–Al O19 hexaferrite synthesized by the solid-state reaction method

Journal of Solid State Chemistry(2022)

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M-type Sr0.7La0.3Zn0.3Fe11.7–xAlxO19 hexaferrites were prepared using the conventional solid state reaction method in 1240 ​°C. XRD spectras indicated that there was a single magnetoplumbite phase with no detection of other phases for all samples. FT-IR and Raman spectra proves the formation of lattice and structure of M-type hexagonal ferrite respectively, and by the shift of the peaks, we speculate that Al3+ entered the lattice. FE-SEM micrographs showed that the grains were platelet-like shapes, EDS indicates that all elements are predetermined and no other elements are produced. The impedance analyzer found that all the dielectric parameters were optimized in different degrees under the corresponding doping amount, and the change was consistent with the characteristics of hexagonal ferrite magnetic materials. VSM finds that HC increased rapidly to a maximum value of 4576.8 ​Oe at x ​= ​1.5, which was ∼96.4% increase in coercivity as compared to that of Sr0.7La0.3Zn0.3AlxFe11.7-xO19 at x ​= ​0.0.
structural o19 hexaferrite,magnetic properties,dielectric,solid-state
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