Joint Information and Jamming Beamforming for Securing IoT Networks With Ratesplitting.

IEEE Internet of Things Journal(2024)

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The goal of this paper is to address the physical layer (PHY) security problem for multi-user multi-input single-output (MU-MISO) Internet of Things (IoT) systems in the presence of passive eavesdroppers (Eves). To this end, we propose an artificial noise (AN)-aided rate-splitting (RS)-based secure beamforming scheme. Our design considers the dual use of common messages and places the research emphasis on hiding the private messages for secure communication. In particular, leveraging AN-aided RS-based beamforming, we aim to maximize the focused secrecy sum-rate (F-SSR) by jointly designing transmit information and AN beamforming while satisfying the desired received constraints for the private messages at IoT devices (IoDs), and per-antenna transmit power constraint at base station. Then, we proposed a two-stage algorithm to iteratively find the optimal solution. By transforming non-convex terms into linear terms, we first reformulate the original problem as a convex program. Next, we recast the optimization problem to an unconstrained problem to obtain the global optimal solutions. Utilizing the duality framework, we further develop an efficient algorithm based on a barrier interior point method to solve the reformulated problem. Simulation results validate the superior performance of our proposed schemes.
Rate splitting,physical layer security,beamforming,artificial noise (AN),secrecy sum-rate,Internet of Things (IoT)
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