Performance Analysis of Uplink/Downlink Decoupled Access in Cellular-V2X Networks

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing(2023)

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This paper firstly develops an analytical framework to investigate the performance of uplink (UL) / downlink (DL) decoupled access in cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) networks, in which a vehicle's UL/DL can be connected to different macro/small base stations (MBSs/SBSs) separately. Using the stochastic geometry analytical tool, the UL/DL decoupled access C-V2X is modeled as a Cox process, and we obtain the following theoretical results, i.e., 1) the probability of different UL/DL joint association cases i.e., both the UL and DL are associated with the different MBSs or SBSs, or they are associated with different types of BSs; 2) the distance distribution of a vehicle to its serving BSs in each case; 3) the spectral efficiency of UL/DL in each case; and 4) the UL/DL coverage probability of MBS/SBS. The analyses reveal the insights and performance gain of UL/DL decoupled access. Through extensive simulations, the accuracy of the proposed analytical framework is validated. Both the analytical and simulation results show that UL/DL decoupled access can improve spectral efficiency. The theoretical results can be directly used for estimating the statistical performance of a UL/DL decoupled access C-V2X network.
C-V2X,uplink/downlink decoupled access,association probability,spectral efficiency,stochastic geometry
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