Evolutionary Algorithm in Game – A Systematic Review

Kinetik : game technology, information system, computer network, computing, electronics, and control(2023)

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Research in the game field is increasingly numerous and challenging. The high interest in research on games is influenced by public awareness of the importance of games in developing ways of thinking, although it is undeniable that many people only pursue pleasure in playing games. In the past, not much games research has influenced into topics such as artificial intelligence, education, or other computer topics. But now games are having a tremendous impact on these topics. In fact, not infrequently games are used in various areas of life. Right now, artificial intelligence is an integral part of the game. If before, it was only used for creating an enemy. Right now artificial intelligence can affect various things, starting from assets, game difficulty levels, non-player characters (NPC), and even bots (AI agents) to run player characters. The complexity of artificial intelligence which is getting higher and higher requires a good optimization algorithm. The evolutionary algorithm is one of the optimization algorithms, even though it cannot find the best one, with the high speed it can find a good solution. Through this paper review, good conclusions are drawn regarding the use of evolutionary algorithms, representations made, fitness functions used, ways to prove a success, to what topics should be studied further.
evolutionary algorithm,game,systematic review
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