Disulfidptosis-related lncRNAs predict prognosis and immune response of Liver hepatocellular carcinoma

Research Square (Research Square)(2023)

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Abstract Background Liver hepatocellular carcinoma(LIHC) is the most common types of cancers.LncRNA has a very important role in the disease progression of LIHC, meanwhile, disufidptosis is a newly discovered mode of tumor cell death that has received high attention.Therefore, we explored the relationship of disufidptosis-related lncRNAs(DTLNS) with clinical prognosis, immunotherapy and drug sensitivity in the LIHC. Methods RNA-expression profiling and clinical data were obtained from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), and 10 disufidptosis-related genes were obtained from the correlation Studies.The prognostic characteristics were constructed by co-expression analysis, lasso regression and Cox regression analysis. Patients were divided into high and low risk groups. Subsequently, gene ontology (GO), Kyoto Encyclopedia of Gene and Genome Enrichment (KEGG), immune-related function and tumor mutational load (TMB) analyses were performed by the DTLNS. Finally, we used the Tumor Immune Dysfunction and Exclusion (TIDE) algorithm to predict the immune escape and immunotherapy by the DTLNS, -and to determine the sensitivity to potential LIHC drugs. Results A totle of 424 DTLNS were obtained, and a prognostic signature was developed. We found that high-risk patients had worse overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) and mortality. Independent prognostic analyses, ROC, C-index and nomogram showed that the DTLNS can accurately predict the prognosis of patients. KEGG enrichment analysis showed that the biological functions of DTLNS patients. We found that immune-related functions were suppressed in LIHC patients with disufidptosis-related genes mutations. Conclusion To conclude,the 424 DTLNS can effectively predict the prognosis of LIHC patients and may provide new insights into clinical applications and immunotherapy.
hepatocellular carcinoma,lncrnas,liver,disulfidptosis-related
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