A review on use of elemental sulphur in the synthesis of sulphur-based polymers

Pooja Saini,Navjot Sandhu

Materials Today: Proceedings(2023)

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Sulfur is a plentiful and bioactive component that has been employed in a variety of industries. Despite being a plentiful and affordable chemical substrate, starting materials for chemical synthesis rarely utilise elemental sulphur. Nanoparticles have attracted the attention of researchers due to their widely differing physicochemical features from their bulk materials. Nanosulfur is produced via a nanotechnology process that takes use of structural parameters. Sulfur has been utilized in a variety of industries due to its abundance and biological activity. Through ring-opening polymerization, sulphur can be further converted into polymeric sulphur, which is utilised as a rubber vulcanizing agent.when inverse vulcanization is done for elemental sulphur with different monomeric unitswhich resulted into numerousiproperties. Chemical, structural, and kinetic analyses, as well as temperature,&mechanical basedapplications, used to adjust the characteristic of S-based polymers. Particularly, a number of sulphur composites were synthesized that performed satisfactorily. Here, we discuss some basic techniques for producing chemically inert and workable polymeric materials, and the processtermed as inverse vulcanization and processable polymeric materials. This method allowed sulphur to be converted into processable copolymer forms with controlled thermomechanical properties, resulting in well-defined sulphur-rich micro-patterned films produced by imprint lithography. Inverse vulcanization was employed to synthesise sulphur-based polymeric polymers from sulphur feedstock, elemental sulphur, and Botryococcene, sustainable alga oil. New ways for using elemental sulphur as a feedstock for innovative polymeric materials have recently been developed. In this review, we will look at how polymers could used as potential materials in Lithium-Sulphur cells. This structural and property study gives fundamental knowledge for future operation. Current advancements in the polymerization of elemental sulphur to produce polymers with high sulphur content are discussed in this paper.
Elemental sulphur,Sulphur-containing polymer,Biopolymers,Inverse vulcanization,Sulphur polymerization,Copolymerization
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