Fashion intelligence in the Metaverse: promise and future prospects

Artificial Intelligence Review(2024)

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With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and the constraints on offline activities imposed due to the sudden outbreak of the COVID epidemic, the Metaverse has recently attracted significant research attention from both academia and industrial practitioners. Fashion, as an expression of a consumer’s aesthetics and personality, has enormous economic potential in both the real world and the Metaverse. In this research, we provide a comprehensive survey of two of the most important components of fashion in the Metaverse: virtual digital humans, and tasks related to fashion items. We survey state-of-the-art articles from 2007 to the present and provide a new taxonomy of extant research topics based on these articles. We also highlight the applications of these topics in the Metaverse from the perspectives of designers and consumers. Finally, we describe possible scenes involving fashion in the Metaverse. The current challenges and open issues related to the fashion industry in the Metaverse are also discussed in order to provide guidance for fashion practitioners, and to shed some light on the future development of fashion AI in the Metaverse.
Fashion intelligence,Metaverse,Digital virtual humans,Deep learning,Survey
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