Insight into the evolution of electrical properties for Schottky-barrier IGZO thin-film transistors with Cu-based Schottky contacts

Applied Physics Letters(2023)

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In this work, we performed systematic electrical characterization and analysis of indium–gallium–zinc oxide (IGZO) Schottky-barrier thin-film transistors (SBTFTs) with different Cu-based Schottky contact structures. It was found that the Schottky barrier height (ΦB) between the IGZO layer and the Cu electrode could be modulated notably by changing the thickness of the AlOx tunnel layer, and the variation in ΦB significantly changed the saturation drain current (Idsat) of the IGZO SBTFTs based on the Schottky contacts but only had a minor influence on the saturation voltage (Vdsat) of the devices. Furthermore, Cu/Al stacked source/drain electrodes and silicon nitride (SiNx) passivation were employed to tailor the contact resistance and channel resistance of the IGZO SBTFTs, which led to an increase in Idsat and a variation in Vdsat. A universal resistance–capacitance network model was proposed to explain the observed evolution of Vdsat of the SBTFTs with different device structures. This work provides meaningful insight into developing low-cost metal oxide SBTFTs with tailored device performances.
transistors,thin-film thin-film,schottky-barrier,cu-based
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