Bilateral retinal hemorrhages after sequential endovascular treatment of bilateral unruptured cerebral aneurysms

Retinal Cases & Brief Reports(2023)

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Purpose: To report a case of bilateral retinal hemorrhages in a patient undergoing two separate endovascular interventions for bilateral cerebral aneurysms. Methods: A comprehensive ophthalmic examination was performed after the patient underwent each of two separate endovascular interventions for bilateral cerebral aneurysms. Multimodal imaging including widefield pseudocolor fundus photography, optical coherence tomography, and widefield fluorescein angiography (FA) was obtained. A systemic workup including genetic testing and hypercoagulability studies was performed. Results: Dilated fundus examination revealed new visually significant ipsilateral retinal hemorrhages after each endovascular procedure. FA showed evidence of a peripheral retinal microangiopathy present in both eyes before the patient underwent her second endovascular procedure. Systemic workup revealed persistently elevated serum anticardiolipin IgM antibody levels at >99 th percentile. Conclusion: Retinal complications after endovascular intracranial interventions are uncommon. This patient who developed bilateral retinal complications was found to have persistently elevated anticardiolipin antibody levels, a risk factor for thrombosis. Patients who develop retinal complications after endovascular intracranial intervention may benefit from systemic workup for hypercoagulable conditions.
bilateral retinal hemorrhages,sequential endovascular treatment
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