Investigation of Low-Speed High-Power Density Spoke-Type FSCW PMSM with Similar PM Volume and Different Shapes Considering Magnetic Gearing Effect

2023 26th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)(2023)

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This article investigates the air-gap magnetic flux density and the generated torque response in spoke-type permanent magnet (ST-PM) machines with distinct permanent magnet shapes having similar volumes. The rectangular and trapezoidal shapes of the PM are investigated in this analysis, and the corresponding air-gap flux density harmonics and torque production mechanisms are investigated. The FSCW ST-PM machine contains abundant air-gap magnetic field harmonics, impacting the machine’s torque response. Firstly FEA is used to analyze the ST-PM machine’s air-gap magnetic field harmonics, and then the traditional torque-generating mechanism in PMSM along with the magnetic gearing effect contributions to the average torque, are separately investigated for the analyzed machine design cases. A brief comparative analysis of the analytical and simulation results for the ST-PM machine designs with different PM shapes and similar volumes is also presented.
Spoke-type PMSM,harmonic response,torque generation,magnetic gearing effect
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