Dynamic Response of Embedded Foundations in Layered Halfspace: A Cone Model Approach

Indian Geotechnical Journal(2023)

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This paper presents the evaluation of the dynamic stiffness coefficient (the stiffness and damping coefficient) of a rigid and massless foundation embedded in a layered elastic half-space. Linear hysteric material damping is introduced in the model using the correspondence principle. Based on the strength of the material approach with one-dimensional wave propagation in cones (cone model), horizontal and vertical dynamic stiffness coefficients were evaluated. To check the accuracy of the model, the dynamic stiffness coefficient of foundations resting on and/or embedded in layered half-space was evaluated using a cone model and validated with published results based on rigorous analysis. A parametric study is also carried out to investigate the influence of shear wave velocity, depth of embedment, and thickness of the top layer on the dynamic response of the foundation embedded in layered half-space. The results of the cone model analyses are presented in terms of stiffness coefficient K ( a o ) and damping coefficient C ( a o ) varying with dimensionless frequency ( a o ) for both horizontal and vertical modes of vibration. The results of the cone model provide physical insight with sufficient generality, making it convenient to use for various foundation vibration problems.
Cone model,Foundation vibration,Halfspace,Dynamic stiffness coefficient,Damping,Embedded foundation,Shear wave velocity,Embedment depth
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