High-order models for convection-diffusion-reaction transport in multiscale porous media


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Developing highly accurate models for predicting the convection-diffusion-reaction (CDR) transport in hierarchical porous media with strong heterogeneities on multiple scales is crucial but not yet available. In this work, an innovative high-order multiscale computational framework is developed to capture the local and global variation characteristics of flow fields and reactant concentration at multiple scales. The homogenized solutions and macro-meso high-order solutions are established by the formal two-scale asymptotic analysis. By directly expanding the mesoscopic cell functions to the microscopic levels, the three-scale high-order models are built by assembling the meso-micro high-order expansions of mesoscopic cell functions and macro-meso low/high-order models. The present approaches follow the reverse thought process of the reiteration homogenization method, and provide a very innovative way to develop highly accurate and efficient solutions for the CDR coupling problems in multiscale porous media. The effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed multiscale models are validated by several representative cases.
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Mass transfer,Multiscale porous media,Convection-diffusion -reaction,High -order multiscale models,Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
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