Global solution to sensor network localization: A non-convex potential game approach and its distributed implementation


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Consider a sensor network consisting of both anchor and non-anchor nodes. We address the following sensor network localization (SNL) problem: given the physical locations of anchor nodes and relative measurements among all nodes, determine the locations of all non-anchor nodes. The solution to the SNL problem is challenging due to its inherent non-convexity. In this paper, the problem takes on the form of a multi-player non-convex potential game in which canonical duality theory is used to define a complementary dual potential function. After showing the Nash equilibrium (NE) correspondent to the SNL solution, we provide a necessary and sufficient condition for a stationary point to coincide with the NE. An algorithm is proposed to reach the NE and shown to have convergence rate 𝒪(1/√(k)). With the aim of reducing the information exchange within a network, a distributed algorithm for NE seeking is implemented and its global convergence analysis is provided. Extensive simulations show the validity and effectiveness of the proposed approach to solve the SNL problem.
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