Learning Image Demoireing from Unpaired Real Data


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This paper focuses on addressing the issue of image demoireing. Unlike the large volume of existing studies that rely on learning from paired real data, we attempt to learn a demoireing model from unpaired real data, i.e., moire images associated with irrelevant clean images. The proposed method, referred to as Unpaired Demoireing (UnDeM), synthesizes pseudo moire images from unpaired datasets, generating pairs with clean images for training demoireing models. To achieve this, we divide real moire images into patches and group them in compliance with their moire complexity. We introduce a novel moire generation framework to synthesize moire images with diverse moire features, resembling real moire patches, and details akin to real moire-free images. Additionally, we introduce an adaptive denoise method to eliminate the low-quality pseudo moire images that adversely impact the learning of demoireing models. We conduct extensive experiments on the commonly-used FHDMi and UHDM datasets. Results manifest that our UnDeM performs better than existing methods when using existing demoireing models such as MBCNN and ESDNet-L. Code: https://github.com/zysxmu/UnDeM
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