AIC Approach for Intelligent Systems Requirements Elicitation.

Haider Al-Shareefy,Michael J. Butler,Thai Son Hoang

2023 7th International Conference on System Reliability and Safety (ICSRS)(2023)

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This paper introduces an AIC (Appreciation, Influence, and Control) based method for requirements elicitation, which describes and evaluates complex problems involving intelligent systems. Our approach integrates Critical Systems Engineering and AIC Soft Systems Design Theory for eliciting a comprehensive set of Intelligent Systems Requirements. It focuses on enhancing the architect's ability to appreciate and understand intricate intelligent behaviours in complex problems to predict emergence. Our proposed architecting strategy suggests a modelling method by transitioning from a macroscopic (holistic) view of a problem to a microscopic specification (reductionist view) of intelligent system actions in a systematic, hierarchical, incremental fashion. We consider the problem as a system of systems (soft and hard systems) to better encompass the extent of the design space and anticipate the nuances of increasing complexity after deploying an intelligent system over time. This paper bases its architecting philosophy on the AIC soft systems design theory, an incremental abstract-based system requirements derivation approach SHARCS (for hard systems design) and the HAZOP framework. The output of this process is a comprehensive set of hazardous and opportunistic scenarios and intelligent systems' behavioural requirements in those scenarios.
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Key words
systems thinking,systems science,SHARCS,AIC,HAZOP,MBSE,intelligent systems,AIC-matrix,safety
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