Aligning Translation-Specific Understanding to General Understanding in Large Language Models


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Although large language models (LLMs) have shown surprising language understanding and generation capabilities, they have yet to gain a revolutionary advancement in the field of machine translation. One potential cause of the limited performance is the misalignment between the translation-specific understanding and general understanding inside LLMs. To align the translation-specific understanding to the general one, we propose a novel translation process xIoD (Cross-Lingual Interpretation of Difficult words), explicitly incorporating the general understanding on the content incurring inconsistent understanding to guide the translation. Specifically, xIoD performs the cross-lingual interpretation for the difficult-to-translate words and enhances the translation with the generated interpretations. Furthermore, we reframe the external tools of QE to tackle the challenges of xIoD in the detection of difficult words and the generation of helpful interpretations. We conduct experiments on the self-constructed benchmark ChallengeMT, which includes cases in which multiple SOTA translation systems consistently underperform. Experimental results show the effectiveness of our xIoD, which improves up to +3.85 COMET.
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