Vlogger: Make Your Dream A Vlog


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In this work, we present Vlogger, a generic AI system for generating a minute-level video blog (i.e., vlog) of user descriptions. Different from short videos with a few seconds, vlog often contains a complex storyline with diversified scenes, which is challenging for most existing video generation approaches. To break through this bottleneck, our Vlogger smartly leverages Large Language Model (LLM) as Director and decomposes a long video generation task of vlog into four key stages, where we invoke various foundation models to play the critical roles of vlog professionals, including (1) Script, (2) Actor, (3) ShowMaker, and (4) Voicer. With such a design of mimicking human beings, our Vlogger can generate vlogs through explainable cooperation of top-down planning and bottom-up shooting. Moreover, we introduce a novel video diffusion model, ShowMaker, which serves as a videographer in our Vlogger for generating the video snippet of each shooting scene. By incorporating Script and Actor attentively as textual and visual prompts, it can effectively enhance spatial-temporal coherence in the snippet. Besides, we design a concise mixed training paradigm for ShowMaker, boosting its capacity for both T2V generation and prediction. Finally, the extensive experiments show that our method achieves state-of-the-art performance on zero-shot T2V generation and prediction tasks. More importantly, Vlogger can generate over 5-minute vlogs from open-world descriptions, without loss of video coherence on script and actor. The code and model is all available at https://github.com/zhuangshaobin/Vlogger.
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