Flexible Wearable Biopatches for Physiological Monitoring using Dry Thin Gold Film Electrodes.

Muhammad Sheeraz, Carson Failor, Austin Cable,Nadeem Ahmad Khan, E. M. Drakakis,Wala Saadeh,Muhammad Awais Bin Altaf

2023 IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS)(2023)

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In this work, flexible, Kapton film-based point-of-care biomedical patches are presented for the acquisition of critical physiological signals including electroencephalogram (EEG) and electrocardiogram (ECG), simultaneously. These physiological biomedical patches incorporate flexible, dry, gold-printed electrodes along with integrated electronics. Patches’ vertical stack consists of a total of four flexible layers and is assembled in the best optimum manner to ensure a noise-mitigated and robust acquisition system. Flexible gold electrodes are encapsulated in the bottom layer and the associated electronic circuitry is on the top layer, resulting in active electrode topology. Active shielding and ground plane layers are stacked very next to the bottom and top layers, respectively for noise immunity and better performance. The 4 differential channel EEG and 1 differential channel ECG point-of-care biomedical patches were applied onto the forehead and chest, respectively, for high-quality, and long-term physiological signals acquisition in a non-invasive manner. The realized EEG and ECG flexible biomedical patches form firm adhesion with the skin for long-term 24/7, user-friendly, remote body vitals monitoring having mere dimensions of 160mm x 24mm and 70mm x 70mm, respectively.
Active Electrodes (AEs),Analog Front End (AFE),Electroencephalogram (EEG),Electrocardiogram (ECG),and Flexible Point-of-Care Biomedical Patches
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