BootPIG: Bootstrapping Zero-shot Personalized Image Generation Capabilities in Pretrained Diffusion Models


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Recent text-to-image generation models have demonstrated incredible success in generating images that faithfully follow input prompts. However, the requirement of using words to describe a desired concept provides limited control over the appearance of the generated concepts. In this work, we address this shortcoming by proposing an approach to enable personalization capabilities in existing text-to-image diffusion models. We propose a novel architecture (BootPIG) that allows a user to provide reference images of an object in order to guide the appearance of a concept in the generated images. The proposed BootPIG architecture makes minimal modifications to a pretrained text-to-image diffusion model and utilizes a separate UNet model to steer the generations toward the desired appearance. We introduce a training procedure that allows us to bootstrap personalization capabilities in the BootPIG architecture using data generated from pretrained text-to-image models, LLM chat agents, and image segmentation models. In contrast to existing methods that require several days of pretraining, the BootPIG architecture can be trained in approximately 1 hour. Experiments on the DreamBooth dataset demonstrate that BootPIG outperforms existing zero-shot methods while being comparable with test-time finetuning approaches. Through a user study, we validate the preference for BootPIG generations over existing methods both in maintaining fidelity to the reference object's appearance and aligning with textual prompts.
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