Mitigating Feature Gap for Adversarial Robustness by Feature Disentanglement


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Deep neural networks are vulnerable to adversarial samples. Adversarial fine-tuning methods aim to enhance adversarial robustness through fine-tuning the naturally pre-trained model in an adversarial training manner. However, we identify that some latent features of adversarial samples are confused by adversarial perturbation and lead to an unexpectedly increasing gap between features in the last hidden layer of natural and adversarial samples. To address this issue, we propose a disentanglement-based approach to explicitly model and further remove the latent features that cause the feature gap. Specifically, we introduce a feature disentangler to separate out the latent features from the features of the adversarial samples, thereby boosting robustness by eliminating the latent features. Besides, we align features in the pre-trained model with features of adversarial samples in the fine-tuned model, to further benefit from the features from natural samples without confusion. Empirical evaluations on three benchmark datasets demonstrate that our approach surpasses existing adversarial fine-tuning methods and adversarial training baselines.
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