A Graph is Worth K Words: Euclideanizing Graph using Pure Transformer


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Can we model non-Euclidean graphs as pure language or even Euclidean vectors while retaining their inherent information? The non-Euclidean property have posed a long term challenge in graph modeling. Despite recent GNN and Graphformer efforts encoding graphs as Euclidean vectors, recovering original graph from the vectors remains a challenge. We introduce GraphsGPT, featuring a Graph2Seq encoder that transforms non-Euclidean graphs into learnable graph words in a Euclidean space, along with a GraphGPT decoder that reconstructs the original graph from graph words to ensure information equivalence. We pretrain GraphsGPT on 100M molecules and yield some interesting findings: (1) Pretrained Graph2Seq excels in graph representation learning, achieving state-of-the-art results on 8/9 graph classification and regression tasks. (2) Pretrained GraphGPT serves as a strong graph generator, demonstrated by its ability to perform both unconditional and conditional graph generation. (3) Graph2Seq+GraphGPT enables effective graph mixup in the Euclidean space, overcoming previously known non-Euclidean challenge. (4) Our proposed novel edge-centric GPT pretraining task is effective in graph fields, underscoring its success in both representation and generation.
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