Interplay of Semantic Communication and Knowledge Learning


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In the swiftly advancing realm of communication technologies, Semantic Communication (SemCom), which emphasizes knowledge understanding and processing, has emerged as a hot topic. By integrating artificial intelligence technologies, SemCom facilitates a profound understanding, analysis and transmission of communication content. In this chapter, we clarify the means of knowledge learning in SemCom with a particular focus on the utilization of Knowledge Graphs (KGs). Specifically, we first review existing efforts that combine SemCom with knowledge learning. Subsequently, we introduce a KG-enhanced SemCom system, wherein the receiver is carefully calibrated to leverage knowledge from its static knowledge base for ameliorating the decoding performance. Contingent upon this framework, we further explore potential approaches that can empower the system to operate in evolving knowledge base more effectively. Furthermore, we investigate the possibility of integration with Large Language Models (LLMs) for data augmentation, offering additional perspective into the potential implementation means of SemCom. Extensive numerical results demonstrate that the proposed framework yields superior performance on top of the KG-enhanced decoding and manifests its versatility under different scenarios.
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