An Exploratory Study of a Brief Measure of Job Satisfaction in Pennsylvania School Psychologists

Laura M. Crothers, Taylor Steeves,Jered B. Kolbert,James B. Schreiber,Ara J. Schmitt, Brianna Drischler, Kelly Paulson, Jessica Cowley, Amelia Klass, Athena Vafiadis, Kayla Perfetto

Contemporary School Psychology(2024)

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In this exploratory study, we adapted items from a previously developed measure of job satisfaction, the Measure of Job Satisfaction (MJS), an instrument first developed for use with community nurses in the UK, to create a brief, 15-item instrument (Job Satisfaction—Brief) applicable to practitioners of school psychology from Pennsylvania ( N = 94). In order to examine the underlying factor structures of the items adapted from the Measure of Job Satisfaction (MJS) instrument, exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was applied in the JAMOVI Version with maximum likelihood estimation to be implemented for the ordered categorical scale. Two factors were extracted from the data: Factor One: Satisfaction with Intrapersonal Development and Clinical Accomplishment and Factor Two: Satisfaction with Advancement, Financial Compensation, and Rank. The uses for the measure and recommended future directions are discussed.
Exploratory factor analysis,Job satisfaction,School psychologists
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