Multi-Frequency Channel Measurement and Characteristic Analysis in Forested Scenario for Emergency Rescue

Wei Guo, Rong Yuan, Hui Ma, Yongxia Yuan,Dan Fei,Ke Guan,Haoran Chen, Yufei Shen, Yudong Fang,Wenchi Cheng


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Wireless communication has been widely used in emergency rescue, including from command vehicles to command vehicles, command vehicles to rescue teams, command vehicles to wireless sensors, and rescue teams to intelligent platforms such as unmanned vehicles. Compared to those used in cities and suburbs, when the same communication equipment is used in forests, its communication performance, such as transmission distance, is entirely different. The main reason for this phenomenon is the extraordinary complexity of wireless signal propagation in forest scenarios. Therefore, in order to accurately and quantitatively describe the wireless channel characteristics in forest scenarios, a frequency channel measurement activity is conducted in a forest and analysis is performed to acquire the channel characteristics in forest scenarios. The measurements are carried out at 380 MHz, 640 MHz, and 1420 MHz in virgin forest. Based on the measurement data, the average power delay profile (APDP) is obtained, and multipath components (MPCs) are extracted. Root mean square (RMS) delay spread and path loss (PL) are analyzed according to MPCs. Furthermore, a new path loss model is proposed. Finally, a new path loss model and relative analysis are provided.
emergency rescue,V2X,forested scenario,channel measurement,characteristic analysis
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