Eurocode 2 design of recycled aggregate concrete elements under compression: Evaluation through model uncertainties from tests on columns


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Recycled aggregate concrete contributes to the recovery of construction and demolition waste, which is a growing societal concern. The technical feasibility of recycled aggregate concrete has been extensively tested and validated and the revisions of codes are already including clauses for recycled aggregate concrete specification and design. However, there are still doubts regarding its structural behavior. This article assesses the suitability of Eurocode 2 design clauses for concrete elements under compression when used for recycled aggregate concrete design. This is done through the analysis of model uncertainties that are estimated from a database collected from laboratory experiments on columns. Both the current version of Eurocode 2 (with and without taking confinement into account) and the upcoming (second generation) Eurocode 2 are considered. A database was collected with clearly defined criteria and includes coarse recycled aggregates produced from concrete waste, since columns made with other types of recycled aggregates are scarcely tested and do not represent the current status for structural recycled aggregate concrete design and production. The statistics of the model uncertainty for natural and recycled concrete columns were compared and it was observed that the mean model uncertainty tends to decrease slightly when recycled aggregates are used. However, a preliminary assessment of whether a partial factor for recycled aggregate concrete compression design should be used concluded that this partial factor is not necessary to ensure reliable design and the design of columns may be carried out using the same formulae used for conventional concrete. The format proposed may be used for other resistance models, provided that the partial factor is calibrated for each resistance model.
column,Eurocode 2,model uncertainty,recycled aggregate concrete
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