AgentScope: A Flexible yet Robust Multi-Agent Platform


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With the rapid advancement of Large Language Models (LLMs), significant progress has been made in multi-agent applications. However, the complexities in coordinating agents' cooperation and LLMs' erratic performance pose notable challenges in developing robust and efficient multi-agent applications. To tackle these challenges, we propose AgentScope, a developer-centric multi-agent platform with message exchange as its core communication mechanism. Together with abundant syntactic tools, built-in resources, and user-friendly interactions, our communication mechanism significantly reduces the barriers to both development and understanding. Towards robust and flexible multi-agent application, AgentScope provides both built-in and customizable fault tolerance mechanisms while it is also armed with system-level supports for multi-modal data generation, storage and transmission. Additionally, we design an actor-based distribution framework, enabling easy conversion between local and distributed deployments and automatic parallel optimization without extra effort. With these features, AgentScope empowers developers to build applications that fully realize the potential of intelligent agents. We have released AgentScope at, and hope AgentScope invites wider participation and innovation in this fast-moving field.
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