Weather-Domain Transfer-Based Attention YOLO for Multi-Domain Insulator Defect Detection and Classification in UAV Images


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Insulator defect detection of transmission line insulators is an important task for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspection, which is of immense importance in ensuring the stable operation of transmission lines. Transmission line insulators exist in complex weather scenarios, with small and inconsistent shapes. These insulators under various weather conditions could result in low-quality images captured, limited data numbers, and imbalanced sample problems. Traditional detection methods often struggle to accurately identify defect information, resulting in missed or false detections in real-world scenarios. In this paper, we propose a weather domain synthesis network for extracting cross-modality discriminative information on multi-domain insulator defect detection and classification tasks. Firstly, we design a novel weather domain synthesis (WDSt) module to convert various weather-conditioned insulator images to the uniform weather domain to decrease the existing domain gap. To further improve the detection performance, we leverage the attention mechanism to construct the Cross-modality Information Attention YOLO (CIA-YOLO) model to improve the detection capability for insulator defects. Here, we fuse both shallow and deep feature maps by adding the extra object detection layer, increasing the accuracy for detecting small targets. The experimental results prove the proposed Cross-modality Information Attention YOLO with the weather domain synthesis algorithm can achieve superior performance in multi-domain insulator datasets (MD-Insulator). Moreover, the proposed algorithm also gives a new perspective for decreasing the multi-domain insulator modality gap with weather-domain transfer, which can inspire more researchers to focus on the field.
cross-modality information,insulator defect detection,classification,image processing
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