Mechanical Properties and Fatigue Life Analysis of Motion Cables in Sensors under Cyclic Loading.

Weizhe Liang,Wei Guan,Ying Ding,Chunjin Hang, Yan Zhou, Xiaojing Zou, Shenghai Yue

Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)(2024)

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Motion cables, which are widely used in aero-engine sensors, are critical components that determine sensor stability. Because motion cables have unique motion characteristics, the study of their mechanical properties and reliability is very important. In addition, motion cables are complex in structure and cannot be applied to conventional fixed cable research methods. In this study, a new approach is proposed to introduce the theory of anisotropic composites into a simplified cable model, so that the cable is both physically conditioned and has good mechanical properties. While applying the theory of anisotropic composites, the forces of tension and torsion are considered in a motion cable under the combined action. In this context, the reliability of the structure is the fatigue life of the cable. In this paper, the mechanical properties and fatigue life of motion cables are investigated using the finite element method at different inclination angles and fixation points. The simulation results show that there is a positive correlation between the inclination angle and the extreme stress in the motion cables, and the optimal inclination angle of 0° is determined. The number of fixing points should be reduced to minimize the additional moments generated during the movement and to ensure proper movement of the cables. The optimal configuration is a 0° inclination angle and two fixing points. Subsequently, the fatigue life under these optimal conditions is analyzed. The results show that the high-stress zone corresponds to the location of the short-fatigue life, which is the middle of the motion cables. Therefore, minimizing the inclination angle and the number of fixing points of the motion cables may increase their fatigue life and thus provide recommendations for optimizing their reliability.
motion cables,cyclic load,mechanical property,fatigue life
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