A Survey of Quantum Internet Protocols From a Layered Perspective

IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials(2024)

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With the development of quantum technologies, the quantum internet has demonstrated unique applications beyond the classical internet and has been investigated extensively in recent years. In the construction of conventional internet software, the protocol stack is the core architecture for coordinating modules. How to design a protocol stack for the quantum internet is a challenging problem. In this paper, we systematically review the latest developments in quantum internet protocols from the perspective of protocol stack layering. By summarizing and analyzing the progress in each layer’s protocols, we reveal the current research status and connections among the layers. Our work provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the quantum internet and can help support researchers focusing on a single layer to better define the functions that the layer should possess and optimize related protocols. This approach enables all layers to work better together based on an understanding of the other layers.
Entanglement,layer,protocols,quantum internet,quantum networks,routing
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