Deep learning-based low overlap point cloud registration for complex scenario: The review


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Most studies on point cloud registration have established the problem in the case of ideal point cloud data. Although the state-of-the-art approaches have achieved amazing results on multiple public datasets, the issue of low overlap point cloud data invalidating state-of-the-art methods is acting as a latent challenge that has not been solved. Therefore, a profound analysis about why existing registration architectures break down in the low-overlap regime and how to select the appropriate strategies to improve the low overlap point cloud correspondence estimation is necessary and useful. Unfortunately, there are few survey works about low overlap cloud registration solving strategies and the corresponding datasets are very limited. This work briefly reviews mainstream deep learning-based point cloud registration and provides an in-depth analysis of the reasons why these architectures are not generalizable to scenarios with low overlapping areas. It is the first survey that mainly focuses on representative low overlap registration methods, their techniques, and related datasets for training/testing. It is worth noting that we also design and construct a large 3D dataset to eliminate the gap in Semantic-assisted point cloud registration with low overlap. Finally, challenges about low overlap point cloud registration and future directions in addressing these challenges are also pointed out. [dataset]
Point cloud registration,Low overlap,Dataset construction,Deep learning-based,Survey
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