Learning to Use Tools via Cooperative and Interactive Agents


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Tool learning empowers large language models (LLMs) as agents to use external tools to extend their capability. Existing methods employ one single LLM-based agent to iteratively select and execute tools, thereafter incorporating the result into the next action prediction. However, they still suffer from potential performance degradation when addressing complex tasks due to: (1) the limitation of the inherent capability of a single LLM to perform diverse actions, and (2) the struggle to adaptively correct mistakes when the task fails. To mitigate these problems, we propose the ConAgents, a Cooperative and interactive Agents framework, which modularizes the workflow of tool learning into Grounding, Execution, and Observing agents. We also introduce an iterative calibration (IterCali) method, enabling the agents to adapt themselves based on the feedback from the tool environment. Experiments conducted on three datasets demonstrate the superiority of our ConAgents (e.g., 6 point improvement over the SOTA baseline). We further provide fine-granularity analysis for the efficiency and consistency of our framework.
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