PeerAiD: Improving Adversarial Distillation from a Specialized Peer Tutor

CVPR 2024(2024)

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Adversarial robustness of the neural network is a significant concern when it is applied to security-critical domains. In this situation, adversarial distillation is a promising option which aims to distill the robustness of the teacher network to improve the robustness of a small student network. Previous works pretrain the teacher network to make it robust to the adversarial examples aimed at itself. However, the adversarial examples are dependent on the parameters of the target network. The fixed teacher network inevitably degrades its robustness against the unseen transferred adversarial examples which targets the parameters of the student network in the adversarial distillation process. We propose PeerAiD to make a peer network learn the adversarial examples of the student network instead of adversarial examples aimed at itself. PeerAiD is an adversarial distillation that trains the peer network and the student network simultaneously in order to make the peer network specialized for defending the student network. We observe that such peer networks surpass the robustness of pretrained robust teacher network against student-attacked adversarial samples. With this peer network and adversarial distillation, PeerAiD achieves significantly higher robustness of the student network with AutoAttack (AA) accuracy up to 1.66 natural accuracy of the student network up to 4.72 TinyImageNet dataset.
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