Privacy-preserving Cross-domain Recommendation with Federated Graph Learning

Changxin Tian,Yuexiang Xie,Xu Chen,Yaliang Li, Xin Zhao

ACM Transactions on Information Systems(2024)

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As people inevitably interact with items across multiple domains or various platforms, cross-domain recommendation (CDR) has gained increasing attention. However, the rising privacy concerns limit the practical applications of existing CDR models, since they assume that full or partial data are accessible among different domains. Recent studies on privacy-aware CDR models neglect the heterogeneity from multiple-domain data and fail to achieve consistent improvements in cross-domain recommendation; thus, it remains a challenging task to conduct effective CDR in a privacy-preserving way. In this article, we propose a novel, as far as we know, federated graph learning approach for Privacy-Preserving Cross-Domain Recommendation (PPCDR) to capture users’ preferences based on distributed multi-domain data and improve recommendation performance for all domains without privacy leakage. The main idea of PPCDR is to model both global preference among multiple domains and local preference at a specific domain for a given user, which characterizes the user’s shared and domain-specific tastes toward the items for interaction. Specifically, in the private update process of PPCDR, we design a graph transfer module for each domain to fuse global and local user preferences and update them based on local domain data. In the federated update process, through applying the local differential privacy technique for privacy-preserving, we collaboratively learn global user preferences based on multi-domain data and adapt these global preferences to heterogeneous domain data via personalized aggregation. In this way, PPCDR can effectively approximate the multi-domain training process that directly shares local interaction data in a privacy-preserving way. Extensive experiments on three CDR datasets demonstrate that PPCDR consistently outperforms competitive single- and cross-domain baselines and effectively protects domain privacy.
Recommender systems,privacy-preserving,federated learning,cross-domain recommendation
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