Posterior Retinal Breaks Secondary to Closed-Globe Blunt Ocular Trauma.

Journal of vitreoretinal diseases(2024)

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Purpose: To describe 2 cases of posterior pole retinal tears resulting from closed-globe trauma. Methods: Two cases of retinal breaks in the posterior pole after blunt ocular trauma were evaluated, and the relevant literature was reviewed. Results: Two eyes of 2 patients with posterior pole retinal tears secondary to closed-globe trauma were included. One patient had a pars plana vitrectomy with laser retinopexy and gas tamponade; the final Snellen visual acuity (VA) was 20/200. The second patient was treated with indirect laser retinopexy; the final Snellen VA was counting fingers. Conclusions: The rapid deformation of the globe in response to blunt ocular trauma may create significant tangential stress on the retina, leading to stretch breaks in the posterior pole. Clinicians should follow patients with a closed-globe injury to watch for retinal breaks in the posterior pole, in particular when a hemorrhage or other pathology obscures the view.
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