Efficient Distributed Hop-Constrained Path Enumeration on Large-Scale Graphs

Proceedings of the ACM on Management of Data(2024)

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The enumeration of hop-constrained simple paths is a building block in many graph-based areas. Due to the enormous search spaces in large-scale graphs, a single machine can hardly satisfy the requirements of both efficiency and memory, which causes an urgent need for efficient distributed methods. In practice, it is inevitable to produce plenty of intermediate results when directly extending centralized methods to the distributed environment, thereby causing a memory crisis and weakening the query performance. The state-of-the-art distributed method HybridEnum designed a hybrid search paradigm to enumerate simple paths. However, it makes massive exploration for the redundant vertices not located in any simple path, thereby resulting in poor query performance. To alleviate this problem, we design a distributed approach DistriEnum to optimize query performance and scalability with well-bound memory consumption. Firstly, DistriEnum adopts a graph reduction strategy to rule out the redundant vertices without satisfying the constraint of hop number. Then, a core search paradigm is designed to simultaneously reduce the traversal of shared subpaths and the storage of intermediate results. Moreover, DistriEnum is equipped with a task division strategy to theoretically achieve workload balance. Finally, a vertex migration strategy is devised to reduce the communication cost during the enumeration. The comprehensive experimental results on 10 real-world graphs demonstrate that DistriEnum achieves up to 3 orders of magnitude speedup than HybridEnum in query performance and exhibits superior performances on scalability, communication cost, and memory consumption.
distributed computing,graph traversal,path enumeration
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