Accelerating preconditioned ADMM via degenerate proximal point mappings


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In this paper, we aim to accelerate a preconditioned alternating direction method of multipliers (pADMM), whose proximal terms are convex quadratic functions, for solving linearly constrained convex optimization problems. To achieve this, we first reformulate the pADMM into a form of proximal point method (PPM) with a positive semidefinite preconditioner which can be degenerate due to the lack of strong convexity of the proximal terms in the pADMM. Then we accelerate the pADMM by accelerating the reformulated degenerate PPM (dPPM). Specifically, we first propose an accelerated dPPM by integrating the Halpern iteration and the fast Krasnosel'skiĭ-Mann iteration into it, achieving asymptotic o(1/k) and non-asymptotic O(1/k) convergence rates. Subsequently, building upon the accelerated dPPM, we develop an accelerated pADMM algorithm that exhibits both asymptotic o(1/k) and non-asymptotic O(1/k) nonergodic convergence rates concerning the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker residual and the primal objective function value gap. Preliminary numerical experiments validate the theoretical findings, demonstrating that the accelerated pADMM outperforms the pADMM in solving convex quadratic programming problems.
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