Feature selection for multi-label learning based on variable-degree multi-granulation decision-theoretic rough sets

Ying Yu, Ming Wan,Jin Qian,Duoqian Miao, Zhiqiang Zhang, Pengfei Zhao

International Journal of Approximate Reasoning(2024)

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Multi-label learning (MLL) suffers from the high-dimensional feature space teeming with irrelevant and redundant features. To tackle this, several multi-label feature selection (MLFS) algorithms have emerged as vital preprocessing steps. Nonetheless, existing MLFS methods have their shortcomings. Primarily, while they excel at harnessing label-feature relationships, they often struggle to leverage inter-feature information effectively. Secondly, numerous MLFS approaches overlook the uncertainty in the boundary domain, despite its critical role in identifying high-quality features. To address these issues, this paper introduces a novel MLFS algorithm, named VMFS. It innovatively integrates multi-granulation rough sets with three-way decision, leveraging multi-granularity decision-theoretic rough sets (MGDRS) with variable degrees for optimal performance. Initially, we construct coarse decision (RDC), fine decision (RDF), and uncertainty decision (RDU) functions for each object based on MGDRS with variable degrees. These decision functions then quantify the dependence of attribute subsets, considering both deterministic and uncertain aspects. Finally, we employ the dependency to assess attribute importance and rank them accordingly. Our proposed method has undergone rigorous evaluation on various standard multi-label datasets, demonstrating its superiority. Experimental results consistently show that VMFS significantly outperforms other algorithms on most datasets, underscoring its effectiveness and reliability in multi-label learning tasks.
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