Enhancing seismic resilience of nonlinear structures through optimally designed additional mass dampers

International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics(2024)

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Reducing dynamic responses in structures subjected to external excitations like earthquakes and strong winds is crucial for ensuring safety and serviceability. Conventional tuned mass dampers (CTMDs) have limitations in mitigating nonlinear vibrations efficiently. This research proposes the use of additional mass dissipation (AMD) devices to control nonlinear dynamic responses more effectively than CTMDs. The AMD concept involves installing an auxiliary mass-damper system atop the primary structure. An analytical approach is developed to determine the optimal design parameters of AMDs for linear and nonlinear single-degree-of-freedom systems using H2 and H∞ optimisation techniques. Transfer function and harmonic balance methods are employed to evaluate the dynamic response reduction capabilities. Compared to optimally designed CTMDs, the proposed H2 and H∞ optimized AMDs demonstrate remarkably superior vibration mitigation achieving up to 77 % and 73.71 % greater reductions in dynamic responses, respectively. The Newmark-beta numerical validation confirms AMDs outperforming CTMDs by 16.06 % in minimizing structural vibrations. The novel AMD concept, coupled with the derived optimal design formulations, offers a highly effective vibration control strategy for both linear and nonlinear structural systems under harmonic and random excitations. This analytical solution paves the way for implementing AMDs in practice to enhance structural safety and longevity against external dynamic loads.
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