Lightweight and Stable Multi-Feature Databases for Efficient Geometric Localization of Remote Sensing Images

Remote Sensing(2024)

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The surge in remote sensing satellites and diverse imaging modes poses substantial challenges for ground systems. Swift and high-precision geolocation is the foundational requirement for subsequent remote sensing image applications. Breakthroughs in intelligent on-orbit processing now enable on-orbit geometric processing. In the absence of control data on board, a recent trend is to introduce reference data onto satellites. However, the pre-storage of traditional reference images or control point databases presents a significant challenge to the limited on-board data storage capacity. Therefore, oriented to the demand for control information acquisition during on-orbit geometry processing, we propose the construction of lightweight and stable feature databases. Initially, stable feature classes are obtained through iterative matching filtering, followed by re-extracting feature descriptors for each stable feature point location on the training images. Subsequently, the descriptors of each point location are clustered and fused using affinity propagation (AP) to eliminate redundancy. Finally, LDAHash is utilized to quantize floating-point descriptors into binary descriptors, further reducing the storage space. In our experiments, we utilize a variety of feature algorithms to assess the generality of our proposed method, thus extending the scope of the feature database and its applicability to various scenarios. This work plays a crucial role in advancing the technology of on-orbit geometry processing for remote sensing satellites.
feature database,iterative matching,local invariant features,affinity propagation,LDAHash
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